Planning and Building Regulations

As part of the loft conversion process, Bracken Lofts will carry out a detailed survey of your property and draw up plans for submission to the Local Authority for Building Regulations Approval (most commonly) and also in some cases Planning Permission.


Building Regulations Approval from your Local Authority’s Building Control Department is required to convert your loft into a habitable space.   The Building Control Department  inspect the plans for your project to ensure that:

  • The stability of the existing structure is not endangered
  • The structural strength of your new floor is sufficient
  • Safe escape can be made in the unfortunate event of a fire
  • Safely designed stairs are installed to the new floor
  • Heat and sound insulation is sufficient between the loft and the rooms below

Approved Building Inspectors will make approximately four visits to the site during construction of the loft space.  They will inspect the work to ensure that it is carried out to a high standard and in accordance with the latest Building Regulations and will issue a Final Completion Certificate on completion.  This document is very important and is a legal necessity should you sell your property in the future.

Planning Consent from your Local Authority’s Planning Department will be required, in addition to Building Regulations Approval, if your property has previously been extended, perhaps by adding a rear kitchen extension or a conservatory.  Planning Consent will be required before commencement of your loft conversion works and this is usually granted 8 – 12 weeks after an application is made.

Party Wall etc. Act 1996


All work carried out to the loft space must conform to the guidelines of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

This act is intended to protect adjoining properties from potential damage and you should inform your neighbours of your planned works.  Bracken Lofts are happy to speak with your neighbours to address any concerns they may have.  It is extremely unlikely that they will be affected, but it is our experience that people are always happier if they are informed.